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What is a virtual office space?

What is a virtual office space?image

What is a virtual office space?

A virtual office ensures that employees can do their work wherever they are in the world. We also see that many freelancers use this service so that their work and private life are kept separated. With a virtual office, you have the opportunity to register your company with the Chamber of Commerce at the company location. You can also use this location as a correspondence address and there is the possibility to rent a meeting room on a flexible basis.

The amount of people working remotely using a virtual office has only increased in recent years. But what exactly is a virtual office? What are the benefits, and how can WehaveAnyspace help you with this? In this blog you will find out.

What is a virtual office?

With a virtual office you have an office, but without a physical office. What this means is that employees have a business address for their business communications, but they do not need to be physically present. A virtual office ensures that employees can do their work anywhere in the world. The office is, in this case, where the employee is at that time. The address of a virtual office can apply to, among other things, a registration address at the Chamber of Commerce, a business address on your business card or for communication with a local telephone number and postal service.

What are the benefits of a virtual office?

Now that you know roughly what a virtual office is, you naturally wonder what exactly it is for you. First, a virtual office can be more beneficial to your business than you think.

1.       It's very affordable

In general, virtual office spaces are a lot cheaper than traditional office spaces. This is because you do not use a physical office and you do not have to pay for costs such as gas, water and light. In addition, it is possible to conclude a flexible contract with a virtual office. We offer this service from € 39 per month including mail handling.

2.       It has a professional look.

Above we discussed that with a virtual office you don't have a fixed location. However, you can still enjoy the appearance and reputation of a traditional office. You have the opportunity to choose a perfect location where you can register your company. Together with a local telephone service and mail handling, you not only have the appearance, but also the reliability of a physical office! This is ideal when you do not need a fixed workspace. 

3.       The flexibility of a virtual office

A virtual office is ideal for people who work remotely or from home. That you are not tied to a fixed location is also good for your stress. Let's face it, no one wants to be stuck in traffic every morning to go to the office. If you still want to work on location, you can of course use the various facilities. For example, you can use the meeting rooms on location to hold important discussions. 

4.       It really increases productivity!

Statistics show that the productivity of remote workers increases by more than 30% compared to traditional office workers. There are several reasons for that but less distraction, the ability to work anywhere and fewer commuters are the three biggest reasons.

Do you need a virtual office?

Are you a small business owner, part of an ambitious start up or just want to expand your business? Then a virtual office is a good choice. It provides flexibility and credibility to your business. A virtual office reduces your overhead costs and makes your working life simpler, more efficient, more flexible and more fun. Are you enthusiastic after reading this article, and are you convinced of the advantages of a virtual office? Go ahead and contact us at WehaveAnyspace for more information!