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Rent out at WehaveAnyspace
Rent out at WehaveAnyspace for free.

WehaveAnyspace has a great announcement! We get a lot of requests for office spaces in Hong Kong and therefore want to focus on building owners and managers again.


Because what are the advantages of renting out your office through WehaveAnyspace? Very simple.
As an...

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What exactly is a full-service office space?
What is a full-serviced office?


When you are searching for office spaces,  you will, without a doubt, encounter the word 'full-service'. The term sounds very appealing and it actually is. Providers of full-service office spaces are on the rise, because who does not want full service at the office? Full service can be...

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How much office space is sufficient?




In the search for a suitable office space, the size of the office is naturally one of the things considered to be important. Not only because of the price, but especially to make sure the space is as efficient,  comfortable and healthy (yes, really) as possible for all...

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