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Former Prinsengracht hospital will become luxury flexoffice
Former Prinsengracht hospital will become luxury flexoffice

A new addition to Amsterdam and its increasingly popular flex-work culture.
The national monument OLVG Prinsengracht (or the Prinsengracht Hospital) will be given a new function from this fall. The function of a luxury flex office.

It has long been unclear what would happen to the...

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The benefits of a "green" office

It is well known that the outdoor feeling makes people happy. A walk in the woods, enjoying the garden or going to the park; it does a person good. "Green" is the common link here. Perhaps less known is that the "green" element in the office produces the same positive effects. How does...

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How do I get my office interior photography skills right?


A picture says more than a thousand words. Ads with a photo generally do a lot better than ads without a photo. Now it all seems fairly simple: press the button and voila. However, there is much more to it when it comes to interior photography. Would you like to know what...

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Rent out at WehaveAnyspace
Rent out at WehaveAnyspace for free!

WehaveAnyspace has a great announcement! We get a lot of requests for office spaces in the Netherlands and therefore want to focus on building owners and managers again.


Because what are the advantages of renting out your office through WehaveAnyspace? Very simple.
As an...

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What exactly is a full-service office space?
What is a full-serviced office?


When you are searching for office spaces,  you will, without a doubt, encounter the word 'full-service'. The term sounds very appealing and it actually is. Providers of full-service office spaces are on the rise, because who does not want full service at the office? Full service can be...

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