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Where do you want your virtual office?

  • Post afhandeling
  • Telefoonservice
  • Inschrijving KvK
  • Spreekkamers

A business address in the right location and a local phone number allowing you to be available wherever and whenever can make all the difference

Post and Phone Service
Use the virtual office services and have your phone answered and mail forwarded
Business registration
Use the business centre’s prestigious address for your business registration to enhance the identity of your company
Meeting and Board rooms
By using the services of a business centre you also have access to their meeting room and board rooms

The phone can also be answered in the name of your company

With a virtual office, you can benefit from all their business services, like a business address and telephone answering services, but at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. Use this business address on your name cards, letterhead and website to support your brand and identity.

Freelance agents, self employed people, start up companies...

For freelance agents, self employed people, start ups and people working from home it might be highly beneficial to use a virtual office. In this way, your company will have the right professional image. You can even use virtual offices to have multiple branches and appear bigger. Even a move to another country will be much easier using the services of a virtual office provider.